"Every amateur sports club deserves good sound"

Every child who starts playing soccer has a dream. 

A dream to become a professional footballer.

To play the stars of the sky every week on television.

To score in a stadium full of passionate supporters.

To walk onto the pitch with the Champions League hymn blaring through the speakers.... 

That dream begins on the field of the local soccer club. 

Where having fun in the game is paramount. 

Where pupils grow up to become seniors. 

Where some players excel and make the jump to a professional club.

But where most players remain loyal to their club and are part of the soccer family.

But every soccer player keeps dreaming....

Young or old.

Dreaming about that Champions League hymn.

The music that welcomes you on the pitch and makes you look around....

After which the stadium speaker calls your name while calling out the lineup.

Sport Speaker brings this dream a little closer for everyone. 

Fantastic sound on the field of your amateur club gives every player that special feeling.

Goosebumps when you walk onto the field.

Thrills after scoring a goal.

And frenzy after winning that hard-fought victory. 

Or even better... The championship!

We are Sport Speaker Europe

And we provide the ultimate sports experience on your club's soccer field. 

Developed in The Netherlands

Johan Cruijff, Marco van Basten, Dennis Bergkamp and Frenkie de Jong are all products of Dutch soccer education. 

An education known for its attacking and attractive style of play. Entertaining players! Entertaining football. 

Not only the soccer itself, but also the experience has to entertain. Not only in the stadium anymore, but also at your place on the amateur field.

Sport Speaker brings you this entertainment. Fully developed in the Netherlands, the birthplace of entertaining soccer. 

After 10 years of testing, measuring, listening, installing and demonstrating, we have combined the very best components into the ultimate sound system for your sports club.

Founder Sport Speaker

"Nice to meet you, I am Ferdi van den Berg. 

In 1995 a dream came true for me. As a 12-year-old boy, I got to play for the professional club from the region. 

Immediately in this first year I was appointed captain and we were allowed to play for the Dutch championship. 

Unfortunately, I had to give up my dream after 2 years due to a nasty illness."

"I returned to my amateur club and after recovering from my illness I found the joy in soccer again.

Just before I turned 16, I made my debut in the first team at the second highest amateur level under the guidance of assistant coach Alfred Schreuder (current coach of AFC Ajax). 

I enjoyed the music on the field every time during the warm-up, where "live is life" (known from Maradona's legendary warm-up) was always on the playlist.  

When we walked onto the main field, "The eye of the tiger" was played. 

I cherish so many fond memories of this music combined with the sport.

I wholeheartedly grant you that at your association, too!"

About Sport Speaker

In 2014 we started our Sport Speaker journey in The Netherlands. As as distributor of professional audio products we were looking for opportunities in the sport market. 

Soon we realized in 95% of all amateur sports fields the audio quality was terrible. We teamed up together with a 3 installer companies to think about the best possible solution.

It took us some years to find the right products worldwide which suit the need of a amateur sports club. We equipped dozens of Dutch soccer clubs during the years. 

Now, in 2022, we can finally say we found the perfect combination of products. 

Collaboration between
4 companies

Now, Sport Speaker is a collaboration between 4 Dutch companies:

Mennegat Trading BV

Distributor of professional audio products for installation purposes.

Pro AV

System integrator in the North of The Netherlands with a specific focus on outdoor audio systems.

Van Brienen Audiovisueel

System integrator in the West of The Netherlands with a specific focus on outdoor audio systems.

Backline AV

System integrator in the South of The Netherlands with a specific focus on outdoor audio systems.

Together we are united within Sport Speaker Europe. Together we have a perfect understanding of sound and especially installation technique.

Together we will guide your club through the installation of your Sport Speaker Concept.

And together we will offer you lifetime FREE support.

Or check our intro first...

Meet our founder Ferdi van den Berg who introduces Sport Speaker and listen to our solutions on a distance of 70 meters.