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Sport Speaker

How reliable are the Sport Speakers?

Our Sport Speakers are completely weatherproof. They can withstand rain, snow, heat, sleet, frost, fog, UV radiation, insect attack or seaside environments where salt is in the air. No consumer speaker or PA speaker comes close to the physical reliability of our Sport Speaker.

Can your Sport Speaker get wet?

You bet! Our Sport Speakers are designed for permanent outdoor installation and can be mounted without fear of damage from weather influence. The equipment supporting the Sport Speakers is always placed inside under a canopy so that the weather (rain, wind, frost, snow or ice) does not affect the operation.

How clearly can voice announcements be heard?

The Sport Speakers offer perfect speech and voice clarity over a distance of up to 100 meters. There is no distortion, so that announcements sound clear and understandable and the sound of the voice can be heard true to nature. Clearly understandable paging and a fantastic music experience are the spearheads of our Sport Speaker concept.

Is the Sport Speaker system wireless?

In part, the Sport Speaker concept is wireless. A speaker can move freely around the field with a wireless microphone. Music can also be played via Bluetooth. The Sport Speakers are connected to the Sport Speaker Amplifier via a weather and UV resistant speaker cable. There is no possibility to do this wirelessly, because otherwise the desired sound pressure can never be produced that is necessary for the range on a sports field.

How is the music quality of the Sport Speaker?

In a word "insane! Our team took 10 years to find the best Sport Speaker that can convey an amazing music experience in addition to crystal clear broadcast announcements. The quality can be described as music with deep bass, and clear, detailed mids and highs. Vocals, vocals and instruments all sound fantastic through our Sport Speakers.

Can I connect my existing equipment to the Sport Speaker installation?

Our Sport Speaker installation is equipped with a special Sport Speaker Audio Processor. It offers various inputs for music sources. So if you are used to using a CD player during the games, it can be connected.

This also applies to a wireless microphone. If you have a good wireless microphone, it can be connected to one of the microphone inputs.

The Sport Speaker Amplifier is capable of expansion. This means that we have channels left over to connect additional speakers, for example.

Can I move the Sport Speaker installation?

No, the Sport Speaker installation is mounted in a fixed location and cannot be moved after this. The installation is designed to last permanently and can be amortized over a period of 20 years.

What amplifier do you use?

We choose amplifiers manufactured in Italy. We have been testing these amplifiers for years and have compared them with amplifiers from China and America. These amplifiers prove themselves in terms of durability and power consumption. You have to be confident that the Sport Speaker installation will last at least 20 years. The amplifier is crucial in this. Our Sport Speaker Amplifier has the ability to give the Sport Speakers maximum power, so that the sound is loud and pure.

Which audio processor is in the Sport Speaker installation?

The audio processor is the heart of our Sport Speaker installation. We have tested countless audio processors. Tested on sound quality, usability, but also on price. With the AZM4 we have found a processor that is affordable and also ready for the future. Music can be streamed using Bluetooth, the installation can be controlled via a touchscreen, there are many ways to improve the sound quality and this processor offers a lot of room for expansion in the future.

Does the Sport Speaker installation include a wireless microphone?

No, the installation comes standard with a public address microphone that can be placed in the public address booth or in the boardroom. We have experienced in recent years clubs often already have a good wireless microphone. This can be added to the installation. Optionally, we can supply a good wireless microphones. These have a range of 50 to 100 meters in the open field.

Can I stream music?

Yes you are. Our Sport Speaker concept is equipped with a Bluetooth module with which every smartphone or tablet can be connected. This makes it possible to stream music from your own device. For example, you can make a playlist at home in Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music and play this list through the Sport Speaker installation.

Can I play jingles?

Well and truly! Our Sport Speaker Audio Processor offers space for hundreds of different sound clips. We deliver the installation standard with a number of jingles, which can be called up via our special Goal Button. For example, when scoring a goal. Or the announcement of a substitution. As soon as you press the 'goal' button the fragment is played and you provide a nice extra experience on the sports field.

How does my voice effects speech intelligibility?

Not at all, we configure the Sport Speaker installation in such a way that the microphone signal can always be heard clearly. This means that speakers who talk softly are extra amplified. And speakers who talk louder are automatically corrected to a pleasantly understandable sound level.


How should we install the Sport Speakers?

You probably have volunteers in your club who work in construction or installation technology. We can give them a diagram of how they can safely mount the Sport Speakers on a stand, on the roof of a canteen or in a light pole.

If there is no one within the club who can help with this, we recommend asking a local installation company to follow our advice. An electrical installation company is generally familiar with installing cabling and attaching speakers.

How do we mount the Sport Speakers?

We have real good experiences with a roof top base for a satellite dish. You can find an example here. The pole need a heigh of 75 cm and you can strengthen and stabilize the roof top base with 60 x 40 tiles. You can easily mount the Sport Speaker on the roof top base and position it to the right direction.

How do we connect the installation?

Our team makes sure that all equipment is already connected to each other. You will receive a fully equipped case containing all equipment that is connected to each other. The only thing that needs to be connected are the Sport Speakers. On the Sport Speaker Amplifier we have already made the connections for the Sport Speakers. Included in the shipment is a wiring diagram that shows exactly how to connect the Sport Speakers to the Sport Speaker Amplifier.

What kind of power supply do we need?

You only need to provide a power socket (220V Euro, as well as 110V globally) to power the installation. We will adjust the power supply according to the requirements in your country.

How about cabling?

As the distance is different at each sports club from Sport Speaker case to Sport Speakers we kindly ask you to buy the perfect length of cabling in your own country. The specifications are: 2 x 1,5 mm2 loudspeaker cable, fireproof, UV proof.

How can we set up the installation properly?

We have already done that for you in advance.

As an extra service we offer remote support after the installation. This means you can schedule an appointment with one of our audio specialists. He will remotely log into your system and check the settings to ensure that your installation is perfectly usable.

How long does the installation take?

Your team needs to take care of the following steps:

1. Unpacking the Sport Speaker pallet
2. Connect the Sport Speaker case to a power socket
3. Position the feet of the speaker on the roof of the grandstand or sports canteen
4. Mount Sport Speakers to the poles
5. Installing cabling from the rack to the Sport Speaker
6. Connect the Sport Speakers
7. Switch on the power of the Sport Speaker case.

And you're ready to go.

I want to add more sports fields to the installation. Is that possible?

Yes you are! Our Sport Speaker concept has been put together in such a way that there is room for expansion. For each additional sports field we charge one extra Sport Speaker. These extra speakers can be connected to each other and looped through (as we say in professional terms). This means that we can also integrate the control of these speakers within the Sport Speaker Audio Processor and have a channel free on the Sport Speaker Amplifier to connect these speakers to.

Can you provide installers to install the Sport Speaker concept?

Yes, you can also hire our team. Our cost per day is € 1,210, - including VAT for 2 specialists. This is excluding travel and accommodation costs. Our specialists are from The Netherlands and will need at least 2 days abroad to fully assemble and adjust the Sport Speaker installation.

Order process

How do we get the Sport Speaker installation delivered?

Our team has prepared a special europallet on which all equipment and speakers are stacked according to a well thought out concept. The products are stacked and secured in such a way that the risk of damage during transport is minimal. The products are packed in a special pallet box in the house style of Sport Speaker. So it is clear to see that you are receiving our delivery!

To which countries do you ship your Sport Speaker Concept?

We offer FREE global shipment to every country in the world.

How can we order?

You can order our Sport Speaker Concept by filling in the order form. We will contact you within a couple of hours to inform you about the payment details and shipment.

Do you have stock available?

Absolutely, we can ship Sport Speaker Concept out of stock. After assembling your system we can ship globally within 5 working days.


What does the warranty contain?

If one of the components out of the Sport Speaker Concept breaks we will equip you with a new one, as soon as you have returned the broken component. You can return your broken component to:

Sport Speaker Europe
Werfstraat 14
The Netherlands

What is the warranty period on the Sport Speaker products?

We offer you a 5 year warranty, no compromises.

How do we know a component is broken?

Please contact us for support by e-mail, Whatsapp or telephone. We will ask you a couple of simple questions to see if we can help. If not, we will conclude together to return the item and switch it for a new product.

Please communicate with us!

We want to help! And this all starts by communicating with us. Our mentality is we want to solve issues and make sure your sports field can use our powerfull audio system as soon as possible.